Saturday, October 18, 2014

Third Quarter Satch Grants Awarded!

Third Quarter Satch Grants for 2014 were awarded this week. 
These organizations are striving hard to make a difference.

Savvy Caregiver Training Program  Awarded $500

The Savvy Caregiver Training Program serves to increase the knowledge, skills and outlook of caregivers. The job of caregiving is an unexpected career move and one that no one is ever prepared for! This training provides each caregiver with six weeks of evidence based training, problem solving and resources for making their job as successful as possible.

This Satch Grant will help this thoughtful program provide manuals and journals for a new set of caregivers which will be trained in early 2015.

Irishwaterdogs Warriors Outreach Program  Awarded $500

On the first Sunday and second Friday of each month the 
Irishwaterdogs Warriors Outreach Program organizes therapeutic kayaking trips free of charge to all Veterans, their families and caregivers. Their mission is to keep Veterans physically active, engage them with their peers and to strengthen family bonds. The program has an impact on those who are struggling with both physical and emotional wounds, PTSD being one of the most difficult.  Irishwaterdog Warriors works closely with therapists from VA clinics, hospitals and transitional housing units. This Satch Grant will help IWOP fund several kayaking trips.

Pink Pumpkin Pedal-Off  Awarded $500

The CSCRB, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to raising funds for the UF Health cancer center's treatement-resistant breast cancer research fund. Treatment-resistant breast cancer subtypes are very aggressive and tend to have a high rate of recurrence, since they typically do not respond well to traditional breast cancer therapies. Additionally, this area of research gets very little funding. The Pink Pumpkin Pedal-Off is a family-oriented bicycle event to raise funds and awareness for the breast cancer fund. Breast cancer research taking place on the local level at UF will have a direct impact on the successful treatment of breast cancer everywhere. Furthermore, breast cancer research is cancer research, and as such may someday benefit all cancer patients.

This Satch Grant will help provide funding for the Pink Pumpkin Pedal-Off held every year which enables the CSCRB, Inc. to continue their support for this important research.