Saturday, September 7, 2013

Pizza Profits at Work in Our Community

I joined the Satchel's giving team in July to determine our second quarter grants for 2013. We had quite a few applications up for review. After careful consideration, our giving committee decided on the following:

Peaceful Paths Domestic Abuse Network  Awarded $500

Each year Peaceful Paths holds a Back to School Kick Off event to help support families in need. One of the biggest components of this program is to provide families with school uniforms. This $500 Satch Grant will help Peaceful Paths reach their goal. You can learn more about Peaceful Paths at

SCHOOL UNIFORMS modeled by Williams Elementary School students with their principal Karla Hitchinson.


MindFreedom Florida Inc.   Awarded $500
MindFreedom Florida is a local organization that promotes mental health awareness by peacefully uniting people affected by the mental health system. This $500 Satch Grant will help MindFreedom Florida bring independent filmmaker Daniel Mackler to Gainesville Sept. 13 - 16. Mackler is an accomplished writer, musician and psychotherapist who focuses on healing childhood trauma through his music and stories.

For more information about MindFreedom Florida's event with Daniel Mackler visit Daniel Mackler on facebook

Journey Daybook, Inc    Awarded $428
Journey Daybook, Inc is a nonprofit organization founded by artist/writer Peggy Herrick. The organization is committed to teaching, learning and sharing the practice of creating illustrated journals, called Journey Daybooks.

This Satchel's grant purchased supplies to support a journal project with the women at the Lowell Correctional Institute. For more information about other Journey Day Book projects, visit

BONUS AWARDED to Eastside High School Students!
In addition to our three quarterly grants, Satchels donated a gently used iPad to Amanda Shitama's Eastside High School Intensive Reading class to support their learning process.
This iPad along with other iPad donations solicited by Shitama will be used daily to read local/global news and events. The goal of the project is to use the latest technology to spark interest in reading, learning and sharing ideas.