Friday, December 16, 2016

SATCH CASH awards 2017

The Giving Committee met in November to review 27 applicants for Satch Cash 2017.
Satch Cash applications are due on October 31 of each year for the following calendar year.

We have a few ways we give charitable donations at Satchel's. There is the original SatchGrant, given quarterly to local charities from our profits, and the SatchCash and SatchCapital, given to charities from money made from our ATM's. Due to a fire on December 5th, 2016, that completely destroyed our gift shop and live music venue, we are suspending the SatchGrant donations until we have rebuilt a new building and are in a cash flow positive place to afford the SatchGrant giving. All profits will need to be used for our new space so we can build back the profitable business we had. The ATM grants will continue to be given, although now with only one ATM instead of two, and potentially reduced business, those contributions will likely be less. We plan to save out money from our SatchCapital grant to purchase a new ATM when the new building is complete, thereby reducing the award for that grant in 2017. 

We are still committed to helping local non-profits as much as possible. We are still giving all ATM profits to charities. But we are also turning inward to save and work on building back not only what we have lost but something better and stronger.
We are proud to announce Satch Cash recipients for 2017 -
There are so many amazing and productive non-profits in our community.
We are lucky to live in such a special place.

January - Helping Hands Clinic
February - Center for Autism Related Disorders
March - Southern Legal Counsel
April - Community Weatherization Coalition
May - Gainesville Girls Rock Camp
June - Actors' Warehouse
July - Sequential Artists Workshop
August - Howard Bishop Middle School
September - Tyler's Hope for a Dystonia Cure
October - Florida Diabetes Camp
November - Project Makeover
December - Conservation Trust for Florida


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

2016 Third Quarter Satch Grants

Second Quarter Satch Grants for 2016 were awarded this week. Satch Grants are given out quarterly to non profits working on special projects. Fourth Quarter Satch Grant applications are due December 31. Please send applications to  

THE CHILDREN'S TABLE was awarded $1,000. The Children's Table is a local food bank whose goal is to restore self-esteem to the most needy. In 1996 Bill Brown founded TCT to fight hunger in his community. Since then he has employed unconventional methods successfully to draw public awareness about hunger. The Children's Table has provided 23 million pounds of food in 53 counties for needy families. This grant will help The Children's Table purchase a freezer.

BULLA CUBANA was also awarded a 3rd Q Satch Grant. Bulla Cubana is an arts organization based in Gainesville which hopes to impact and shape the artistic and cultural relationship between US and Cuba. Satchel's is awarding a $500 grant to Bulla Cubana for their inaugural festival which begins will be held Jan-March 2017.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Here is an update from Satchel on our Satch Capital Giving for 2015 and 2016. Every month half of our ATM fees collected go to a local non profit, the other half we use for large Satch Capital grants.This time The Giving Committee has selected the biggest project ever!

Hey, Satch here with a note to add to Gracy's blog. We haven't reported where we spent our Satch Capital funds (from 2015) yet and I am really sorry. You see, we have $13,000 to spend and so we make the decision very carefully and think about all the grants we received and want to spend your money in the best way possible.  We have pretty much decided to spend the money to sponsor a Habitat house build.  That means we give about $50k and round up volunteers and help build a local Habitat home. We are saving the extra money needed to sponsor the build and also thinking about the timing that is best for us. We are hoping to officially announce this and begin to build in the Fall of this year. This is ATM money at work, plus we'll chip in some extra too from profits.  Thanks so much for your patience and support.  Satch

Friday, May 6, 2016


Satch Grants are awarded quarterly to non profits working on specific projects. The next deadline to apply for 2nd Q Satch Grant is June 30. First Quarter Satch Grants for 2016 were awarded to three local organizations focused on helping the youth of our community. 

Project ReVibe  was awarded $500. Project ReVibe works to empower youth with special needs through sustainability and arts. The ReVibe project allows participants to channel their efforts into learning new skills in woodworking, construction and entrepreneurship. Recycling, creating, collaboration and community involvement will hopefully take a small project on to larger things.

The Education Foundation of Alachua County has supported Alachua County Public schools since 1986. The Education Foundation funds the Find it and Fund it and Catalyst for Change programs. These initiatives help educators purchase items which the foundation believes empowers teachers and principals to choose programs and materials for their school and classrooms not covered by other funding sources. This organization was awarded $1000 Satch Grant.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Each year Satchel's donates the profits from our ATM machines to non profit organizations that help our community. We call this fund - SATCH CASH. Each month is dedicated to a specific charity and half the profits go to them.  At the turn of the year the Giving Committee gets together to determine the recipients for the new year. The awards for SATCH CASH 2016 go to:

The remaining profits are reserved so that Satchel's can make a significant contribution to a few charitable organizations with our SATCH CAPITAL Grants. Organizations can apply for Satch Cash & Satch Capital throughout the year with applications due by October 31. Please send applications to Satch Capital award(s) will be announced in the next couple months.

In 2015, we donated a total $14,737 to a variety of worthy causes from the ATM fund: 

January:  Center for Autism and Related Disabilities $1217
February:  Multiple System Atrophy  $1192
March: Alachua Women Build  $1234
April: Healthy Families  $1387
May:  Avian Research and Conservation Institute $1287
June: Gainesville Equality Youth $1145
July:  Civic Media Center  $1267
August:  Howard Bishop Middle School $1332
September:  Tylers Hope for Dystonia  $1115
October:    Sequential Artists Workshop  $1358
November:   Children's Home Society   $1121
December:  Community Weatherization Coalition $1082

We are thankful our amazing customers use our ATM machines so that we are able to make contributions to these super local organizations. This program would not exist without YOU!

Friday, January 29, 2016

4th Quarter Satch Grants 2015 Awarded

Fourth Quarter Satch Grants for 2015 were awarded this week. Satchel's is excited about these three different organizations that help different members of our community.

Suwanee River Area Health Education Center  Awarded $500

Suwanee River AHEC seeks to promote and provide access to quality health connections for the community. SRAEHC services 12 counties in North Central Florida. This Satch Grant will help fund Understanding Sexual Orientations and Gender Identities: A Healthcare Perspective. The goal of this conference is to provide information to create a climate of inclusivity and openness in the healthcare settings and to increase healthcare providers' knowledge of health disparities. LGBTQ Education for healthcare providers will be provided at this summit to expand the understanding of these diverse populations.

Cops Against Cancer Trail Ride  Awarded $500

Climb for Cancer Foundation raises funds to assist families visiting their loved ones receiving cancer treatment at UF Health. CFC provides meal vouchers, gas cards and lodging to help families through this difficult time. This Satch Grant will help CFC run another successful Cops Against Cancer Trail Ride this winter at San Felasco State Park. This fundraiser provides a great way for local horse lovers and police officers to come together to ride for a great cause!

Through a Veteran's Lens  Awarded $500

UF Health Arts In Medicine's (AIM) primary mission is to focus on the spiritual and emotional health and wellbeing of patients, family members and staff of UF Health through the creative arts and aesthetics. AIM transforms the hospital experience through the arts. In addition to AIMs work at UF Health they are committed to outreach initiatives, including partnerships with organizations such as the VA.Through a Veteran's Lens is a photography initiative for local veterans. Veterans will meet once a month for six months to learn basic photography skills and create photographic responses based on their own experiences in the service. The resulting photographs will be exhibited in the Harn's education gallery to coincide with the exhibition Aftermath: The Fallout of War, on display from Aug 2016 - Jan 2017.