Wednesday, May 1, 2019

First Quarter Satch Grant 2019

First Quarter SATCH GRANT for 2019 goes to start-up The Lake Forest Elementary School Ukulele Club! The Ukulele Club of Gainesville wants to create opportunities for the students of Lake Forest Elementary School to learn music skills by learning to play the ukulele. This pilot program would impact approximately 20 students. The next roll-out of the program would be expanded to reach all of the third, fourth and fifth grade students during regular class sessions. Approximately 400 children would benefit annually. In five years approximately 2,000 students would benefit from this program.

Research on music education has demonstrated that learning music can help children in many ways, a few of which include language skills, reasoning, memorization, coordination, pattern recognition, teamwork and better SAT scores. One study reported that children who studied music scored 63 points higher on verbal and 44 points higher on math on SAT testing Importance of Music in our Schools Studying music positively influences class behavior and by learning music skills these children will be more likely to participate in band in middle and high school.

Congratulations and we look forward to more music in Gainesville!

If your organization would like to apply for a 2nd Quarter Satch Grant please check out the guidelines here:

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

SATCH CAPITAL GRANTS for calendar year 2018

“Satchel’s awards $12,500 to local organizations through Satch Capital Grants”

Satchel’s Pizza is proud to award Satch Capital Grants to three different and deserving organizations in our community. National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Gainesville, FamilyPromise of Gainesville, and The CHILD Center for Early Learning are splitting the award for calendar year 2018. Satch Capital Grants are funded by our customers who give their support to local nonprofits by using Satchel’s ATM machines. The Giving Committee had twenty three applications for this award and after much deliberation three local non profits will receive funds.

$6000 Satch Capital goes to National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Gainesville. NAMI Gainesville is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing education, support and advocacy to individuals living with mental illness and their families. NAMI Gainesville services include: 1) Free educational courses for individuals living with mental illness, 2) Free support groups for people living with mental illness, 3) Information on resources and advocacy, and 4) Outreach programs that empower individuals and their families to help eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness. NAMI Gainesville’s programs help people living with mental illness learn to manage their illness and avoid or prevent mental health crisis events that can lead to incarceration, homelessness and suicide. The classes, support groups and presentations are free and held at various locations in Gainesville to better serve all its residents. This Satch Capital Grant will fund certification and training of three additional teachers for NAMI Gainesville’s educational courses.

Family Promise of Gainesville receives $5000 in Satch Capital. Family Promise is a community-wide response to end childhood homelessness. Through the collaborations of local faith communities, Family Promise of Gainesville provides homeless children and their families with compassionate care that includes case management, education, housing, meals and transportation until they can transition to a home of their own. The Satch Capital Grant will allow Family Promise to purchase a new trailer and refurbish their existing trailer. These trailers are used to move approximately 30,000 pounds of furniture annually.

The third Capital Grant of $1500 is awarded to The CHILD Center for Early Learning. The CHILD Center is an innovative and collaborative partnership that works to bring the collective experience and expertise of several organizations together to give children, families and child care professionals the best experience possible. Funding will help The CHILD Center equip their Art Shed with tables, chairs and supplies needed for their outside art classroom.

Our community is important to us so at Satchel’s we do our best to give back in a variety of ways. Satchel’s Giving Program offers donations in the form of: gift cards, quarterly Satch Grants and yearly Satch Cash and Satch Capital awards. All applicants must be a non-profit entity (501c3) that provide charitable, environmental, or educational services to the people of Alachua County. For more information visit

Friday, February 1, 2019

2018 - 4th Quarter Satch Grant Winner

Satchel's is very excited to award Grace Healthcare Services the 2018 4th Quarter Satch Grant!

Grace Healthcare Services Corporation was established in December 2016, obtained a Florida pharmacy license in 2017, and opened Grace Pharmacy in October 2017 to supply prescription medications at no charge to qualifying patients who otherwise could not afford them. Grace Pharmacy provides medications from our established formulary to low-income patients of participating safety net clinics within our community. Grace Pharmacy's formulary is extensive and includes medications to treat allergies, infections, viruses, arthritis and pain, asthma/respiratory conditions, high cholesterol, diabetes, gastrointestinal conditions, various eye conditions, heart disease and high blood pressure, men's and women's health issues, mental health and neurological conditions, skin conditions and steroids, abnormal thyroid conditions, and vitamin and nutritional deficiencies. This gives the pharmacy the ability to treat many patients with a wide range of medical conditions from acute to chronic. Grace Pharmacy is located within Grace Marketplace, which is a homeless community that provides shelter and services for under-served homeless individuals in our county. Having a pharmacy within this community has impacted patients immensely as many of them have limited means of transportation. Grace Pharmacy has grown dramatically since opening and has filled more than 4,200 prescriptions in 2018 and has had more than 1,500 patient visits.  
At this time, Grace Pharmacy relies on the help of volunteer pharmacists to implement its mission and utilizes the help of volunteer University of Florida College of Pharmacy students. The pharmacy currently operates four hours a day, five days a week and rely solely on donations for funding.
This $1500 Satch Grant will be used to purchase medications for Grace Pharmacy.
Congratulations Grace Healthcare Services!

Thursday, November 29, 2018



The Giving Committee met over Thanksgiving to review applicants for Satch Cash 2019. When you use the ATMs in 2019 at Satchel's the fee goes to a pre-selected organization which applied for a Satch Cash award in 2018. Your money put back into your community!

JANUARY Partnership for Strong Families' Library Partnership Resource Center

FEBRUARY  We The People Theater

MARCH Alachua Conservation Trust's Natural Resource Management Interns

APRIL 4-H Life Ready

MAY Civic Media Center

JUNE Keep Alachua County Beautiful

JULY Sequential Artists Workshop

AUGUST Aces in Motion After-School Program

SEPTEMBER Stop Children's Cancer - Camp Boggy Creek

OCTOBER Horses Helping People

NOVEMBER Elder Options


Satch Cash applications are due on October 31 of each year for the following calendar year.
Giving Guidelines to all Satch Grant opportunities

Friday, October 12, 2018

2018 Third Quarter Satch Grant Awards!

The Giving Committee met this week to discuss applications for 2018 3rd Quarter Satch Grants and selected awards for these local organizations:

Days for Girls (Alachua County Chapter) started as a local Girl Scout Troop project in 2013. The Girl Scouts were focused on making kits to help girls in Africa attend school every day of the month. During one of their sewing events at the Alachua Library, a mother dropped in with her teenage daughters and revealed there were times they missed school due to the excessive expense of having so many menstruating females in one home. This inspired DFG to begin serving low-income local women in 2017. When DFG distributes the kits they also give a presentation on women's health and rights. The women (and girls) impacted have increased knowledge of women's reproductive health, self-defense, their rights as a human being to be free of abuse, and human trafficking. 
Satchel's awards Days for Girls (Alachua County Chapter) $500. This will provide menstrual hygiene management for up to 60 local women and girls in Alachua County. Each kit contains a survey for participants which will be evaluated after this pilot year to make improvements as needed going forward.

Saint Madeleine Community Outreach provides services to anyone in need, regardless of race or religion through our food pantry and clothes closet programs at no cost to our clients. SMCO operates with one paid employee and 40 volunteers and are open five days a week without any state or federal funding. Saint Madeleine Community Outreach serves rural clients who have a difficult time getting to agencies in Gainesville and Lake City. Satchel's awards $500 to SMCO to help stock the food pantry with non-perishable food items to help their clients in need.

Theatre Connect is a special program run by UF's Center for Arts in Medicine faculty and staff that supports the health of the LGBTQ+, gender transitioning and non-conforming teens in the Gainesville community through theatre and improvisation. Theatre Connect was founded in the summer of 2017 to provide an affordable and safe space for LGBTQ+ youth to explore and work through relevant issues of their choosing with trained mentors and mental health counselors. TC focuses on developing social, emotional and communication skills through Sociodrama and other theatre-based skill building exercises. Satchel's awards $500 to Theatre Connect to help pay for an additional facilitator and will provide pizzas for their family "show and tell" nights.

Guardian ad Litem, 8th Judicial Circuit advocates for the best interests of Florida's abused, abandoned and neglected children. Every child is assigned a team to effectively serve them - a volunteer, Child Advocate Manager and Best Interest Attorney work tirelessly on every case. 
GAL's current focus is training volunteers on LGBTQ+ Cultural competency and child welfare. LGBTQ+ youth are over-represented among those who are homeless or in foster care due to rejection by their families, abuse and discrimination. The training is unique and vital to child welfare, medical and legal professionals. Satchel's is providing pizza for GAL's  upcoming volunteer training sessions.

Congratulations to all 3rd Q Satch Grant award recipients!
4th Quarter Satch Grant applications are due December 31, 2018 and giving guidelines are here:
Don't forget to apply for Satch Cash 2019 and Satch Capital 2019.
Applications due October 31 (Satch Cash) and November 30 (Satch Capital)
Check here for instructions:

Friday, August 24, 2018

Satch Grants back for 3rd Quarter 2018!

Good news! We are funding Quarterly Satch Grants again. These grants have been on a short hiatus as we rebuilt Lightnin Salvage Enterprises.  So if you have a specific project needing funds (anywhere from $200-$1500) please submit your 3rd Quarter Satch Grant Application by Semptember 30th. The Giving Committee will meet in October and winner(s) will be notified shortly thereafter. Satchel's Giving Guidelines.

Also, don't forget to get those applications in for Satch Cash and Satch Capital Grants which are awarded at the end of every calendar year. These grants are funded by you and your ATM fees and make an impact on our local non profits.
Satch Cash applications are due October 31
Satch Capital applications are due November 30

2018 Satch Cash recipients and their awards so far:
January - Women in the Woods - $804
February - Mommy Reads - $1070
March - Horses Helping People - $1364
April - A Quinn Jones School - $1244
May - The Freewheel Project - $1063
June - Elder Options - $1030
July - Civic Media Center - $957

Please contact Gracy to submit applications or ask about our donation process.
Thanks so much and GOOD LUCK!

Thursday, January 18, 2018


Note from Satchel - Lightnin’ Salvage Enterprises is open again. We now have two ATM’s and will be collecting more money for local charities. Satch Cash and Satch Capital are both funded through our ATM’s. Satch Gives Back is our giving program which awards between $30,000 and $40,000 to local nonprofits in our community. Satch Grant is funded through our profits on a quarterly basis. We hope to be able to start Satch Grants back up in the second or third quarter of this year but we're still deep in the hole financially from our rebuild. Using our ATM with the low $1.50 fee is a great way to give to local nonprofits and keeps us from giving thousands every month to Visa and MasterCard. Thank you.

Satchel’s Pizza is proud to announce Satch Capital awards to three different and deserving organizations in our community. The Gainesville Opportunity Center, The Star Center Children’s Theatre, and Working Food are splitting the award for calendar year 2017. Satch Capital Grants are funded by our customers who give their support to local nonprofits by using Satchel’s ATM machines.

$7000 Satch Capital goes to The Gainesville Opportunity Center helps adults living with mental illness rejoin the community through participating in meaningful work-related activities. With this award from Satchel’s the GOC will help create a paid position for a Peer Specialist. The Peer will serve as a role model to work with GOC members to build confidence and advocate on their behalf. A Peer is a living example that recovery from mental illness is possible.

The Star Center Children’s Theatre received $4000 in Satch Capital. The Star is committed to providing arts education to all youth through performing arts. Each summer SCCT provides an intensive program of instruction in acting, vocal and instrumental music, dance, digital and visual arts, and world drumming. The Satch Capital Grant will provide scholarships for students who would not be able to afford this level of arts instruction.

The third Capital award of $3000 was given to Working Food. Working Food’s mission is to cultivate and sustain a resilient local food community in North Central Florida through collaboration, economic opportunity, education and seed stewardship. In addition to a Community Center, Working Food also provides hands-on garden programming for at-risk youth and hosts the Southern Heritage Seed Collective, our local seed library. Satch Capital funds will help supplement the construction of a Kitchen Incubator at Working Food’s Community Food Center. Slated to be ready Summer 2018, the Kitchen will provide space, equipment, and technical assistance for entrepreneurs to build food-based businesses. Funding will also allow Working Food to offer four free memberships to the center to low-income entrepreneurs who have been working with the UF Entrepreneurship in Adversity Program.

Our community is important to us so at Satchel’s we do our best to give back in a variety of ways. Satchel’s Giving Program offers donations in the form of: gift cards, quarterly Satch Grants and yearly Satch Cash and Satch Capital awards. All applicants must be a non-profit entity (501c3) that provide charitable, environmental, or educational services to the people of Alachua County. For more information visit