Friday, January 23, 2015


The Giving Committee had ten applications for SATCH CAPITAL this year. It was a very tough decision and still is! We are trying to be creative with the funds we have and disburse them wisely to impact as many people as we possibly can.

So far Satchel's was able to give the Southwest Advocacy Group (SWAG)
a grant of $6,000 to help with their final renovations so they will be able to open their new clinic in 2015. SWAG is a grassroots non profit that advocates for seven low-income neighborhoods in SW Gainesville and provides access and health care that has long been beyond the reach of that part of our community. SWAG has been operating out of a trailer for seven months has seen over 600 patients with numbers increasing each month. This Capital Grant should cover the expenses for SWAG to complete the last part of their renovation as required by the county - the parking lot. Here is a before photo taken recently. An after photo will be posted as soon as the job is done!

Satchel's is also throwing a work party at First Magnitude Brewing Company to assemble seven picnic tables for PACE Center for Girls. Since 1988 PACE Center for Girls-Alachua has been serving girls ages 12-18 in our community who have been identified as dependent, truant, runaway, delinquent or in need of academic skills. PACE's purpose is to intervene and prevent school withdrawal, juvenile delinquency, teen pregnancy, substance abuse and welfare dependency in a safe and nurturing environment.  These picnic tables will further improve the outdoor gathering space the girls need to socialize with one another and/or provide a quiet place for personal reflection.

We are making sure these funds cover the needs of SWAG and PACE in the next couple weeks and if there is Satch Capital left over we hope to award another organization soon.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

4th Quarter Satch Grant 2014 Awarded

Fourth Quarter Satch Grants for 2014 were awarded this week. 
These two organizations are striving to make a big difference in our community.

Green Generation Environmental Youth Summit  Awarded $1000

The Cultural Arts Coalition holds its Green Generation Environmental Youth Summit on February 7, 2015. This event brings together high school and college-aged youth groups to learn about local environmental issues and to develop a plan for completing community service projects in our community. Students serve on the organizational committee along with community groups such as: Alachua County Environemntal Protection Department, Alachua County Public Schools, Florida Organic Growers, Gainesville Job Corps, Sierra Club and Sustainable Santa Fe (just to name a few). An estimaed 125 students and their advisors will attend this year's summit. After the summit the students plan will be implemented and completed after careful documentation and tracking. The GGEYS educates the community as a whole on how to become environmental stewards.

Women netWorking With Women: 4Ws Network Inc.  
Awarded $200 

Women netWorking With Women's mission is to educate, empower and enhance the quality of life for women in Gainesville. Their current project is to provide a pantry for women in the community to receive living essentials such as food baskets, clothing and counseling services. The Gainesville Police Department has provided the space and this donation will help them obtain shelving for the items and maybe chairs for the patrons. Satchel's is donating $200 credit from The Repurpose Project for  4W to use for their pantry.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

2015 SATCH CASH Recipients

Every year Satchel's donates the profits from our ATM machines to non profit organizations that help our community. We call this fund - SATCH CASH. Each month is dedicated to a specific charity and half the profits go to them.  At the turn of the year the Giving Committee gets together to determine the recipients for the new year. The awards for SATCH CASH 2015 go to:

The remaining profits are reserved so that Satchel's can make a significant contribution to a few charitable organizations with our SATCH CAPITAL Grants. Organizations can apply for Satch Cash & Satch Capital throughout the year. Please send applications to Satch Capital awards will be announced in the next couple weeks.

In 2014, we donated a total $13,571 to a variety of worthy causes from the ATM fund: 

January:  Center for Autism and Related Disabilities $872
February:  Dance Alive  $1065
March: The Repurpose Project  $1247
April: Sequential Artists Workshop  $1217
May:  Helping Hands Clinic $1154
June:  Civic Media Center  $1051
July:  Big Brothers Big Sisters $1233
August:  Howard Bishop Middle School $1286
September:  Tylers Hope for Dystonia  $1012
October:   Peaceful Paths $1214
November:   Rebuilding Together North Central Florida  $1204
December:  Bread of the Mighty Food Bank $1016

We are thankful our fine customers use our ATM machines so that we are able to make contributions to these amazing local organizations. This program would not exist without YOU!