Saturday, October 18, 2014

Third Quarter Satch Grants Awarded!

Third Quarter Satch Grants for 2014 were awarded this week. 
These organizations are striving hard to make a difference.

Savvy Caregiver Training Program  Awarded $500

The Savvy Caregiver Training Program serves to increase the knowledge, skills and outlook of caregivers. The job of caregiving is an unexpected career move and one that no one is ever prepared for! This training provides each caregiver with six weeks of evidence based training, problem solving and resources for making their job as successful as possible.

This Satch Grant will help this thoughtful program provide manuals and journals for a new set of caregivers which will be trained in early 2015.

Irishwaterdogs Warriors Outreach Program  Awarded $500

On the first Sunday and second Friday of each month the 
Irishwaterdogs Warriors Outreach Program organizes therapeutic kayaking trips free of charge to all Veterans, their families and caregivers. Their mission is to keep Veterans physically active, engage them with their peers and to strengthen family bonds. The program has an impact on those who are struggling with both physical and emotional wounds, PTSD being one of the most difficult.  Irishwaterdog Warriors works closely with therapists from VA clinics, hospitals and transitional housing units. This Satch Grant will help IWOP fund several kayaking trips.

Pink Pumpkin Pedal-Off  Awarded $500

The CSCRB, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to raising funds for the UF Health cancer center's treatement-resistant breast cancer research fund. Treatment-resistant breast cancer subtypes are very aggressive and tend to have a high rate of recurrence, since they typically do not respond well to traditional breast cancer therapies. Additionally, this area of research gets very little funding. The Pink Pumpkin Pedal-Off is a family-oriented bicycle event to raise funds and awareness for the breast cancer fund. Breast cancer research taking place on the local level at UF will have a direct impact on the successful treatment of breast cancer everywhere. Furthermore, breast cancer research is cancer research, and as such may someday benefit all cancer patients.

This Satch Grant will help provide funding for the Pink Pumpkin Pedal-Off held every year which enables the CSCRB, Inc. to continue their support for this important research.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Second Quarter Satch Grants Awarded

Second Quarter Satch Grants for 2014 were awarded this week. 
Take a look at these local programs which give back to our community.

Florida Springs Institute  Awarded $500

The mission of Howard T. Odum Florida Springs Institute is to provide a focal point for improving understanding of springs ecology and to foster development of science-based education and management actions needed to restore and protect springs throughout Florida. This Satch Grant will provide financial support for the Manatee Habitat Restoration Experiment. This project uses water hyacinth to kill phytoplankton algae and clean manatee habitat at Kings Bay in Crystal River.  

Kids Dress 4 Success, Inc.  Awarded $500

KD4S provides school uniform clothes to underprivileged public school students in Alachua County. Because kids grow so quickly they need more than one uniform to make it through a school year. Kids Dress 4 Success, Inc. collects new and gently used public school-approved uniform clothes and delivers them directly to the schools. This Satch Grant will facilitate the purchase of over one hundred shirts which will be distributed in Alachua county public schools.

UCG Mommy Reads  Awarded $500

Mommy Reads is a social justice outreach project of the United Church of Gainesville. This photo was taken of the group just outside the Florida Women's Reception Center south of Gainesville.  The goal of Mommy Reads is to help mothers connect with their children through children's books. Volunteers meet individually with the FWRC mothers and grandmothers, assisting with selecting books and recording the women reading the books.  The recordings are transferred to an MP3 player and the books, MP3 player and a note from mom are shipped to the children, providing them with the opportunity to hear the sound of their mother's voice reading a story selected just for them. This Satch Grant will allow UCG Mommy Reads to send books and recordings to 40 children.  

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Applications for 2nd Quarter Satch Grant Due June 30

The second quarter of 2014 has one month left.  If your non profit is seeking help please apply for a Satch Grant by the June 30th deadline.

The Satch Grant is designed to support local, non profits by funding 
specific projects. We award $1,500 per quarter -- usually in the form of 
THREE $500 grants. Sometimes awards are combined for a larger 
donation to one organization. Satch Grant applications are due on the last 
day of December, March, June, and September. Funds are disbursed 
within thirty days of the deadline. 
NOTE: If your organization is awarded a Satch Grant, recipients must wait TWO years before applying again. 

Link to Satchel's Giving Guidelines here

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

1st Quarter 2014 Satch Grants Awarded

Choosing the recipients for First Quarter 2014 Satch Grants was a bit of a challenge. We had sixteen entries this time. The committee chose the following community organizations based on their population, goals and vision. Congratulations!

Gainesville Equality Youth  Awarded $500

Gainesville Equality Youth provides a safe space for LGBT youth in the community to share and discuss issues related to their lives.  This local organization builds community bonds, promotes community awareness of LGBT issues, provides social interaction with peers, and sustains opportunities for youth leadership and development.  This Satch Grant will provide financial support for Gainesville Equality Youth to hold meetings for six months as they reinvigorate this local program.

Girls Place: Take Away Journal  Awarded $500

This Satch Grant will provide the materials for 140 girls to reflect every day on their experiences through a "Take Away Journal" during Girls Place 2014 summer day camp.  Reflection is an important component to personal development and offers girls the opportunity to create a deeper level of self-awareness within themselves and with their surroundings. This grass roots organization can adapt the needs of the girls and their families based on what the girls Take Away.

The Library Partnership: Fight for Your Money Program  Awarded $500

The Library Partnership, which opened as a collaboration between Partnership for Strong Families, Casey Family Programs and the Alachua County Library District in 2009, strives to help families access the resources and support services they need which in turn strengthens families and communities.  The "Fight for Your Money" program provides families with the tools they need to make good financial choices: Budgeting and Banking, Saving, Setting Financial Goals, Credit Repair and Investing.  This Satch Grant will provide five families who have an income, have at least one child living in their home and have agreed to attend all sessions with utility assistance to be paid directly to GRU upon completion of the program.

Radiant Hands: Radiant Works Scholarship  Awarded $500

The mission of Radiant Hands is to empower women in North Central Florida by providing them with spiritual, emotional and financial support with the goal of achieving independence. This Satch Grant will help fund the "Radiant Works Scholarship" which will provide students with the fee to pay for their General Education Exam.  Acquiring a GED diploma will help these women advance in the workforce and perhaps enter into vocational training classes that were unobtainable without a diploma.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Satchel's & Lightnin' Salvage Enterprises Capital ATM Grants for 2013

Christians Concerned for the Community and Rebuilding Together are each awarded $6,039.37

Christians Concerned for the Community & Rebuilding Together are prime examples of what it means to work within the community by reusing resources to help others. Their efforts truly promote fellowship and respect for all of our neighbors. They help mobilize all of the volunteers, equipment and tools which are needed to remodel, sustain and repair existing homes throughout our community.  Their programs and services provide critical home repair, build ramps and install modifications depending on homeowners needs and provide weatherization and energy efficiency services to lower the cost of utilities for homeowners.

Satchel's/LSE also awarded a bonus grant of $1,450 to the Special Olympics 

Satchel’s/LSE is also very excited to sponsor TEN athletes to participate in the Florida State Special Olympics Games. The mission of Special Olympics is to provide year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills and friendship with their families, other Special Olympics athletes and the community. 

Satchel’s/LSE are truly thankful for our customers who use the ATM machines and frequent our restaurant so that we are able to make contributions to these amazing local organizations. This program would not exist without YOU!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

2013 ATM Donations

Every year Satchel's donates the profits from our ATM machines to charitable organizations that help less fortunate members of our community. In 2013, we donated a total $11,248.75 to a variety of worthy causes from the ATM fund. The organizations that receive these funds are determined at the beginning of the year. We dedicate each month during the year to a specific charity and donate half the profits to them. The remaining profits are reserved so that we can make a significant contribution to a few charitable organizations which will be announced soon!

The breakdown of monthly ATM donations in 2013 is:

January:  Center for Autism and Related Disabilities $702.25
February:  Multiple System Atrophy Support Group  $786.25
March: Pleasant Street Historical Society   $1081.25
April:  Alachua Conservation Trust $959.25
May:  Helping Hands Clinic $915.25
June:  Tylers Hope for Dystonia  $986.75
July:  Camp Crystal Lake  $1018.25
August:  Sidney Lanier School  $986.75
September:  Civic Media Center  $1044.75
October:  Rebuilding Together North Central Florida  $975.50
November:  Operation Petsnip  $1020.50
December:  Project Makeover  $812

We are thankful for our customers use of the ATM machines so that we are able to make contributions to these amazing local organizations. This program would not exist without YOU!

Monday, January 13, 2014

4th Quarter 2013 Satch Grants Awarded

Forage  Awarded $500

Forage is embarking on an ambitious long-term goal of creating a local seed library. Through seed saving, training and education Forage strives to increase production and diversity of locally adopted vegetable, herb and flower varieties.  This Satch Grant will purchase seeds and support workshops to foster this program.

Magnificent Logo

Healthy Learning Academy  Awarded $500

Healthy Learning Academy is a tuition-free, elementary charter school in Newberry with a focus on lifelong health, nutrition, and fitness for the creative mind and healthy body.  This Satch Grant will purchase 18 exercise balls for a 4th grade class helping students with overall strength and posture and enabling ADHD students to better control their impulsive movements.

Exercise balls like these will be integrated in Amber Warnock's 4th grade classroom.
Project Makeover --Sidney Lanier School Awarded $500

Project Makeover is a UF student-run organization that is devoted to improving learning environments in the Gainesville community.  Their mission is to beautify Alachua County schools by creating a more exciting and dynamic learning environment. This Satch Grant supports hundreds of volunteers to renovate the library at the Sidney Lanier Center, a special education school.

BONUS!! Solar Gators Awarded $500

Solar Gators are striving to bring the first-ever University of Florida solar car to a national competition. This team of students believe that UF has the talent and diversity needed to revolutionize tomorrow's transportation and create a lasting change in the race towards clean energy.  They even agreed to place a Satchel's bumper sticker on the completed solar car.

3rd Quarter 2013 Satch Grants

Newberry High School -- Thespian Troupe 5901  Awarded $500

Recent budget cuts in the arts programs at Newberry High School forced Newberry to look art, drama, TV production and most of its music classes. This $500 Satch Grant directly supports the Newberry HS theater troupe so they can attend District and State competitions. In the past 6 years, the troupe placed No. 1 and 2 in the District for acting, singing, play writing and costume.  In the past 5 years, the group placed FIRST and SECOND in the STATE for the same categories. It is our pleasure to help this dedicated and proud team. Go Panthers!

Newberry HS Thespian Troupe 5901 eagerly await their Satchel's Pizza.
Gainesville Areas AIDS Project  Awarded $500

The GAAP program has been in business for more than 19 years. The group's mission is to provide household and social support for local people affected by HIV/AIDS. This Satch Grant supports the TREE outreach part of the project, which supplies at no cost a montly supply of toilet paper, laundry detergent, bleach, dish soap, shampoo, household cleaners, razors, shaving cream, toothpaste and brushes, soap and feminine hygiene products. The projects serves more than 3,000 individuals living with HIV and AIDS in Alachua County.

Florida Organic Growers -- Gift Gardens  Awarded $500

FOG promotes local organic and sustainable agriculture and food production. GIFT GARDENS is one FOG program that provides resources and education to low-income residents, empowering them to grow their own food, increase self-sufficiency, and beautify their yards and neighborhoods. This Satch Grant helps to provide support and materials to maintain existing successful gardens in the program. 

UF Rock Climbing Team  Awarded $100 + $50 Gift Card

This athletic team from Gainesville, Fla., placed SECOND at the National Collegiate Climbing Series. Go Gators!