Friday, October 9, 2015


3rd Quarter Satch Grants for 2015 winners announced!
Two local programs that educate and inspire in unique ways.

See The Sea Program  Awarded $1000

Sara Charbonnet teaches sixth grade science at Westwood Middle School. A few years ago she was discussing the hydrosphere with her students and used the phrase "salt water." Several of her students had puzzled looks. Surveying all sixth grade students she found that over 10% had either not been to the sea or had never been on a boat. She knew it would be hard to imagine the sea with all of the science and geography involved if one had never experienced such a large body of water. With this Satch Grant Mrs. Charbonnet will be able to take 40 underprivileged and under-served students to Seahorse Key, where Santa Fe and UF have a learning laboratory. During the field trip the students will explore the coastline, measure tide change, travel by boat to the lab and visit "live wells", explore the horizon from a lighthouse and learn about the unique habitat and endangered species. What a super way to learn!

Sequential Artists Workshop  Awarded $500

 Sequential Artists Workshop opened in 2012 as a not-for-profit school and arts organization dedicated to teaching students of all ages and income levels how to make comics, graphic stories and memoirs. In the 3-4 years since then they have taught hundreds of people in a variety of circumstances. They have brought dozens of people to Gainesville from out of state and even country to study at SAW for a week or even a year. SAW has established its year-long program and has truly promoted the diverse art of Gainesville. As such, SAW is expanding to a new location and will offer a library, a lecture room, main drawing area and even more space for more students. This Satch Grant will help SAW purchase new and better materials to outfit their growing school. 

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