Friday, March 4, 2016

Each year Satchel's donates the profits from our ATM machines to non profit organizations that help our community. We call this fund - SATCH CASH. Each month is dedicated to a specific charity and half the profits go to them.  At the turn of the year the Giving Committee gets together to determine the recipients for the new year. The awards for SATCH CASH 2016 go to:

The remaining profits are reserved so that Satchel's can make a significant contribution to a few charitable organizations with our SATCH CAPITAL Grants. Organizations can apply for Satch Cash & Satch Capital throughout the year with applications due by October 31. Please send applications to Satch Capital award(s) will be announced in the next couple months.

In 2015, we donated a total $14,737 to a variety of worthy causes from the ATM fund: 

January:  Center for Autism and Related Disabilities $1217
February:  Multiple System Atrophy  $1192
March: Alachua Women Build  $1234
April: Healthy Families  $1387
May:  Avian Research and Conservation Institute $1287
June: Gainesville Equality Youth $1145
July:  Civic Media Center  $1267
August:  Howard Bishop Middle School $1332
September:  Tylers Hope for Dystonia  $1115
October:    Sequential Artists Workshop  $1358
November:   Children's Home Society   $1121
December:  Community Weatherization Coalition $1082

We are thankful our amazing customers use our ATM machines so that we are able to make contributions to these super local organizations. This program would not exist without YOU!


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