Friday, December 16, 2016

SATCH CASH awards 2017

The Giving Committee met in November to review 27 applicants for Satch Cash 2017.
Satch Cash applications are due on October 31 of each year for the following calendar year.

We have a few ways we give charitable donations at Satchel's. There is the original SatchGrant, given quarterly to local charities from our profits, and the SatchCash and SatchCapital, given to charities from money made from our ATM's. Due to a fire on December 5th, 2016, that completely destroyed our gift shop and live music venue, we are suspending the SatchGrant donations until we have rebuilt a new building and are in a cash flow positive place to afford the SatchGrant giving. All profits will need to be used for our new space so we can build back the profitable business we had. The ATM grants will continue to be given, although now with only one ATM instead of two, and potentially reduced business, those contributions will likely be less. We plan to save out money from our SatchCapital grant to purchase a new ATM when the new building is complete, thereby reducing the award for that grant in 2017. 

We are still committed to helping local non-profits as much as possible. We are still giving all ATM profits to charities. But we are also turning inward to save and work on building back not only what we have lost but something better and stronger.
We are proud to announce Satch Cash recipients for 2017 -
There are so many amazing and productive non-profits in our community.
We are lucky to live in such a special place.

January - Helping Hands Clinic
February - Center for Autism Related Disorders
March - Southern Legal Counsel
April - Community Weatherization Coalition
May - Gainesville Girls Rock Camp
June - Actors' Warehouse
July - Sequential Artists Workshop
August - Howard Bishop Middle School
September - Tyler's Hope for a Dystonia Cure
October - Florida Diabetes Camp
November - Project Makeover
December - Conservation Trust for Florida


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